I like change.  I like to change the background on my desktop every month.  I’d change furniture around more if I had the floor plan that allowed it.  What I can change is the header on my blog.  I’m trying to build my own Website by using HTML, CSS, etc. I can’t afford the WYSIWYG software like Dreamweaver, so everything has to be free or CHEAP!  I’ve been searching for just right images to use.  I hang out at stockxchng, scrolling through photos and vector images that show some possibility.  

Last weekend while on the stockxchng site I came across the image I now have in the header.  I fell in love with it immediately.  The vibrant red flow of the design caught my eye and set my mind in motion.  My fertile imagination saw the folds of  a satin dress moving to sensual rhythm and pulsing beats.  The hot taste of cinnamon on my tongue as I licked a candy red apple at the fair came to mind as I continued looking at the light and shadows of the photo. 

The creator of the image, Designus, has many more to share with those interested in viewing more of his art.  You may need to set up an account to view Designus’ art, but it’s free and you’re under no obligation to purchase.   

Seeing the image made me smile and I thought… this is what joie de vivre is all about.  What images pop into your mind when you look at the sleek, red header?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the gentle wave of red.